Glen Robinson

/Video editor

From a young age Glen has shown interest in visual storytelling. It began with drawings, flip books, even voice recordings to tell stories. Then when his Dad brought an old videotape camera that sparked his interest in videography and particularly video editing.

After completing high school, he went on to obtain a Diploma in Screen & Media producing 2 short films in which 1 was selected for screening at ACMI in Melbourne. 

He also gained experience in various production rolls working on student films and went on to complete work experience for Foxtel series (The Recruit).He also worked as a production assistant for Neighbours at Fremantle Media & started a small video production business (GMR) filming weddings and business promos.

As life goes on, he put video production on the back burner for a while. Buying a house and starting a family but still continued to develop his filming and editing skills on a personal level.

After starting a Youtube channel in 2022 with his good friend Steven, they now teach video production skills and provide video production services at GMR productions.

Steven Hewson


Steven has has a strong interest in understanding how things work and the adventures that come from exploring them. Whether it was dismantling motors or discovering new paths,he always welcomed the next challenge. As he progressed through primary school, his passion for understanding the world led him to study horticulture.

Observing how plants move in the wind, how a small stream carves its own path, or even the decent of a water droplet from the trees. Steven finds wonder in these phenomena that drives him each day.

Fueled by the unknown and his creative abilities, Steven sees videography as a never-ending learning process. He embraces the continuous evolution of skills and techniques in videography, understanding that there is always something new to discover.

With each project he undertakes, Steven eagerly learns from experimenting with different styles and angles, and storytelling techniques. Seeking to expand his repertoire and refine his craft but also learning from his mistakes, grow as a videographer, and bring a touch of creativity, authenticity, and personal flair to his videos.